A Jeff Loeffelholz Scholarship?

cropped-mary-sunshine-e1530646501787From reports in other media, it seems that the producers of the Broadway revival of Chicago were completely unaware of the behavior by director Walter Bobbie and musical director Leslie Stifelman during the June 22 rehearsal that might have contributed to Jeff Loeffelholz, one of the longest running standbys in Broadway history, taking his own life shortly thereafter.

If the producers (Fran & Barry Weissler/NAMCO) are sincere in honoring Loeffelholz’s memory, why not a scholarship in his name for an aspiring college theater major in the amount of what it would have cost for the production to have simply bought out his run-of-play contract (that Bobbie apparently had an issue with, according to Loeffelholz’s notes from that rehearsal) – $30,000.

Obviously such a scholarship would be presented annually. 

What a grand and important gesture it would be for the producers of Chicago to honor Loeffelholz’s memory in such a way. And such a scholarship would clearly prove that the producers are 100% against this type of behavior in the world of theater. It could also pave the way for another small-town theater kid to realize his or her own dreams on the Great White Way … free of bullying and intimidation, of course.

J Loeffelholz PICAlso, it would be great to see a plaque, bust, or some other type of memorial permanently installed at the Ambassador Theater in honor of Loeffelholz. Seriously, being one of the longest serving standbys in Broadway history is a monumental achievement. And it deserves equally monumental recognition.

This would also honor Loeffelholz’s commitment to Chicago as well as his historic status as a longtime standby.

This scholarship and permanent memorial at the Ambassador would go a long way in bringing about the healing process which has deeply affected the theater community, both in New York City and around the world.

If anyone else has any suggestions on how to honor Loeffelholz’s memory and dedication to his craft, please feel free to share in the comments section. 


6 thoughts on “A Jeff Loeffelholz Scholarship?

  1. New York State Council on the Arts
    300 Park Ave., S, 10th Fl.
    New York, New York 10010
    (212) 459-8800
    General Information: info@arts.ny.gov
    Application Assistance: help@arts.ny.gov
    Press and Council Member Inquiries: public.affairs@arts.ny.gov

    Deborah Lim, (212) 459-8820, Deborah.Lim@arts.ny.gov
    Dance | Theatre

    Kavie Barnes, (212) 459-8858, Kavie.Barnes@arts.ny.gov
    Arts Education | Special Arts Services

    Executive Director
    Mara Manus, (212) 459-8808, Mara.Manus@arts.ny.gov


  2. I’m an AEA actor in NYC. I have a long personal and family history with abuse, mental health, and suicide. I run long distances to benefit The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. This year, I also started a team to participate in a benefit walk event for AFSP in Queens on September 22. As soon as I heard about Jeff, I added his name to those we walk to honor.

    In Loving Solidarity,
    Lauren Villegas


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  3. Thank you for acknowledging Mark Anthony Taylor. His death left a huge hole in my life, and I never quite understood why he died. I miss him every day! I hope this will help heal so many who lives were left scared by his passing. Including mine!


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