Loeffelholz’s Text Message from That Grueling Rehearsal

As was stated in a previous blog, Loeffelholz was in a rehearsal with Chicago director Walter Bobbie and musical director Leslie Stifelman June 22, Loeffelholz’s notes state.

After his rehearsal, Loeffelholz not only took copious notes, he also texted his friend Brian Rardin, another theater veteran, both on Broadway and around the country, with his concerns. The conversation is brief.

Below is a screen grab of that conversation (the text in grey is from Loeffelholz):

Jeff Text1A subsequent text exchange that following Tuesday June 26, Loeffelholz said to Rardin: “I would go hang out at the [Ambassador] Theater but I feel I have a scarlet letter on me.”

By using the phrase “scarlet letter,” Loeffelholz was insinuating that he felt he had become a “marked” performer like the character Hester Prynne in the Nathaniel Hawthorne novel The Scarlet Letter. He was clearly afraid of being shunned by the other cast members who witnessed the previous Friday’s rehearsal.

He then texted Rardin screen grabs of the Actor’s Equity rules regarding intimidation. He then sent Rardin a screen grab of the Equity rules regarding “Just Cause” and added “It was a set up.” Rardin responded, “Of course it was.”

Loeffelholz simply replied with a frowning emoji.


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